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December 20 - The USA Hapkido PSD Federation will hold the Fisrt Annual World Seminar October 18-19-20-21-22 in the our headquarters in California.
The seminar will be directed by the Grand Master Kim Yu Pak Black Belt 9° Degree Hapkido and 9° Degree Taekwondo


December 27 - Grandmaster Marcelo Muñoz for his dedication and performance achievements has been appointed as Director for South America of the USA Hapkido PSD Federation
GM Muñoz is Black Belt 6 Degree of Hapkido and 4 Degree of Taekwondo

Congratulations GM Muñoz - See you in October at the Great World Seminar




Juanary 20 -21-22 Black Belt Test

USA Hapkido Black Belt (Dan) Testing

To receive your black belt , you will be required to know and demonstrate several techniques and principals of USA Hapkido PSD

To test for your black belt(DAN) in USA Hapkido PSD, you will need to have had a minimum of  1 years of training and will be required to demonstrate  techniques (197 total) including:

  • Defense against hostile handshake - 10 techniques
  • Defense against headlocks - 10 techniques
  • Bearhugs from the front (arms in) - 10 techniques
  • Bearhugs from behind (arms in) - 10 techniques
  • Bearhugs from the front (arms out) - 10 techniques
  • Defense against kicks - 10 techniques

Sample technique from the Black/White to Black Belt curriculum:

(Defender starts with one knee on the ground). Reach across and grab the front of uke's shin, use your thumb to attack the pressure point in the ankle, at the same time apply pressure (with knife hand) to the side of uke's knee (outside), take down.



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