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Hapkido PSD is Profesional Self Defence Techniques and Traditional Hapkido. HApkido is a Korean Martial Art of self- defence, suitable for all ages and abilities. Hapkido is an easy-to-learn, complete art teaching:

  • Throws
  • Kick & Punches
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Pressure Points
  • Free Fighting (non-contact)
  • Takedowns
  • Weapons
  • Meditation

Literally, the term Hapkido is derived from three Korean words:

  • Hap: the coordination of mind & body.
  • Ki: the inner energy that is created  and manifested through “Hap”.
  • Do: the self-controlled and disciplined life necessary to create “Hap” and “Ki”.

Unlike most martial arts, Hapkido is a complete system teaching kicks, punches, pressure point techniques, throws, joint locks, weapons, free fighting, ki and meditation.

Many other martial arts are “hard” – they rely on physical power and are offense oriented. Hapkido is “soft” and defensive, emphasizing throws, twists and pressure point techniques.

Other martial arts emphasize tournaments, street fighting, and competitiveness. Hapkido emphasizes self-discipline and personal development.


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